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In addition to our extensive construction engineering inspection services, Keystone Civil offers the capacity and expertise to handle the following:

Claims Analysis

We firmly believe the best way to deal with a claim is before it happens. That’s why Keystone Civil is proactive in reviewing contract documents and determining potential problems before they occur so that unforeseen conditions, delays, utility impacts and inefficiencies don’t get in your way.

Schedule Analysis

Keystone Civil has served as both a front-line reviewer of contractors’ CPM schedules and a mediator resolving issues. We know that the first step is to perform a thorough analysis of the contractor’s initial CPM schedule submittal as this makes the review of subsequent updates much simpler and more meaningful. We then perform extensive reviews of each update and/or revision and hold the contractor accountable for contract compliance and best management practices.

Constructability Plan Reviews

Keystone Civil has performed constructability reviews on several significant, high-profile projects in FDOT District Seven. Our team members have served as active senior project engineers, requiring us to remain current on field issues. Additionally, our work as Dispute Review Board (DRB) members enables us to better understand issues from the perspectives of all involved parties.

Litigation Support

Keystone Civil provides direct and indirect litigation, arbitration and mediation support. Over the years, we have provided open court testimony, depositions and claims analysis, and we are well-respected by industry legal counsel.