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Aerial Imaging

Aerial Imaging & Videography

Supplementing traditional CEI inspection methods, routine and targeted aerial imaging assists Keystone and our clients in detecting issues, identifying previously hidden hazards, and inspecting claims.  This type of documentation provides value added information by verifying the condition of roadways, bridges, MOT devices, and more. Our sUAS aerial assessments provide an effective, rapid, and low cost solution in the facilitation our construction contracts.


Keystone small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS) missions are conducted in accordance with the provision of 14 CFR Part 107, state and local regulations, and the operator’s manual for the subject aircraft.

All of our operational procedures were constructed utilizing the highest safety standards in conjunction with insurance and legal scrutiny. We are continually refining our processes based on regulations and our experience in the field.

Flights are conducted within safe weather conditions, during hours with low pedestrian and traffic counts, and when our Remote Pilots in Command (RPICs) are healthy.  Depending on each mission, we will determine the appropriate use of equipment including the type aircraft and advanced flight sensors.